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We are a boutique hair salon conveniently located near I-5 in the Roosevelt/Greenlake area of Seattle. Fix Salon offers exclusive high-end services in a welcoming neighborhood environment to give you a quiet and calm escape to relax and feel pampered.

Our highly-educated and talented stylists are committed to offering the best hair services available in Seattle. Fix Salon’s forte is to create classic, beautiful looks with an emphasis on keeping your hair healthy and naturally radiant.

The personal and undivided attention you will receive as a Fix client will give your stylist a true understanding of your needs, so you can be given the best results. Every aspect of your visit will be highly personalized, from cut to color and style, to make you look and feel your best.

Color Correction / Fantasy Color

Color Correction / Fantasy Color

Fantasy Color by Mandy. This process included 4 lightening services, treatments and final silver glaze. Total time 6 hours split between 2 appointments.

Fantasy Color by Mandy. This process included 4 lightening services, treatments and final silver glaze. Total time 6 hours split between 2 appointments.


Color Correction / Fantasy Color FAQ's


What is a Color Correction Service?

We qualify a color service as Color Correction in these scenarios: 

-Hair color is lightened or darkened more than 2 levels.

-Three or more color processing steps are required for end result. 


Why do you require a consultation prior to scheduling my color service? 

When a major change is desired we prefer a consultation appointment is made prior to scheduling a service. The best way to develop a plan and pricing is to see your hair in person. During this 15 minute appointment we will also discuss alternate options for you and possibly test strand your hair to get a better idea of achievable results. We can also decide what level of stylist is the best fit for your process. 


How do you charge for color correction? 

We charge by the hour for color correction. To determine what the hourly charge is refer to Color Correction charge under Specialty Services. This is the hourly cost for a color correction service with your stylist. We schedule a base time of 2.5 hours then charge in 15 minute increments. During your consultation we will give you our best estimate of time to achieve your goal. It is important to note that hair can sometimes provide unexpected results causing adjustments to the service time or plan. Color Correction services are considered “all inclusive” meaning the price includes all steps and treatments throughout the service.


Why is Fantasy Color in the same category as Color Correction?

To achieve fantasy color hair typically has to be pre-lightened considerably before we apply the end result tone. It typically takes multiple lightening processes to achieve and requires treatments to maintain the hair’s health. For this reason the service is similar to color correction.


How do you determine the type of correction I will need?

We consider color correction to be “hair surgery” and during your consultation will categorize your process as either mild, medium or major surgery to achieve your goal color. This is an easy way for us to communicate how much work/time/appointments are required for your hair. 


Why do you require a deposit for color correction? 

We require a 50% deposit paid at the time of booking to reserve your color correction appointment. We are scheduling out a considerable amount of time for this type of service and last minute cancellations result in a loss of income to our stylists. The deposit ensures you are committed to the process. Deposits are non-refundable under 48 hours to the appointment. Deposits are 100% refundable 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. 


Will I achieve my goal hair color in one appointment? 

It depends on the health of your hair and how many steps are involved in your process. Our intention is to maintain the integrity of your hair through every step of your color correction service. Therefore it may require multiple appointments to achieve your goal and keep your hair healthy. 


Once I achieve my goal what can I do to maintain it?

Follow the advice of your stylist. The proper hair care products are a must to maintain your color and the health of your hair. Follow up services may be required to maintain the tone of your color. 


I’ve seen celebrities make major color changes in one appointment, why will my appointment take multiple sessions? 

If and when celebrities make major color changes it has been performed in two different scenarios. They are in a salon for 12+ hours or it has happened over multiple appointments but they have been strategic about how and when they are photographed. Wigs and extensions also play a large part of major changes. Many times it is hours of hard work by a dedicated stylist or as simple as a beautifully colored wig.