Video Tutorials

Here are resources for you to learn how to have the best hair every day. These quick tricks, easy tips and information, created by Mandy McCullough, can be found on her blog My Hair Fix.


Kristian: beach curls

Mattie:  curly to smooth blowout


Hair Color 101

Permanent, Demi, Semi, what type of hair color is best for your hair? Read this post that explains it all, including maintenance and cost.

Color Correction

Wanting to go from dark to light, home color gone wrong, or take your blonde to vixen red? Learn more about the process of color correction and what it takes to make a major color change.


Hair Loss

At some point we will all experience hair loss. When is it normal and when should you be concerned. What causes hair loss and salon services that provides solutions are shared.

Hairbrush 101

Do you have the right tools to style your hair at home? The right brush can make a big difference to create your favorite style at home. Mandy breaks it down for you making it easy to know which tool it right for the job.


Options For Gray

Whether you have 1, 2 or a full head of gray, we'll help you decide if they should be covered up, blended away or enhanced to make it the best fit for you.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Heart, round, square or oval your face shape in one way we determine what cut will work best for you. Learn how to identify your face shape and what kind of hair styles will work best.

How to Choose the Right Hair Dryer

We are frequently asked how to decide what type of flat iron, dryer, or other hair tool. Where to buy them and how much money should be spent. Here is the inside scoop on getting all the details before you start to shop.

Healthy Hair During Your Workout

Ponytails, constant shampooing and sweat can wreak havoc on your hair. Here are tips to keep your hair looking as good as your body during and after your workout.


Your Hair On Vacation

Spend less time on your hair and more time enjoying the view on your next vacation. Some simple tricks to make your hair look effortless for a weekend getaway or a European sabbatical.

Growing Your Hair Facts and Fiction

Growing out your hair? There are many ideas of what can make it grow faster. We separate the facts from fiction to help you figure it out.